Platelet Rich Plasma for Your Skin


PRP- Short for platelet-rich-plasma and sometimes known as a “Vampire Facial,” PRP is a fast, injectable treatment that can hide age spots, minimize acne scars, and make your skin look silky smooth.

Benefits of PRP Facials

Safe + Internationally Renown

PRP skin rejuvenation is known internationally as a safe, low-risk treatment that is autologous (meaning that the treatment involves a substance taken from a patient and reinjected into the same patient).

Performed with Micro-needling

For a higher absorption rate and improved results, our PRP treatment includes micro-needling. This helps your skin absorb the proteins better. You will notice the difference!

What Can PRP Injections Treat?

Injections of platelet-rich-plasma can be used to treat the following:
• Areas of visible damage to the skin, such as age spots or sunspots.
• Mild lines and wrinkles (especially but not exclusively around the mouth).
• Dark circles under your eyes.
• Crow’s feet (wrinkles at the outer corners of around your eyes).
• Visible acne scars.

Effective Skin Rejuvenation

Platelet rich plasma is beneficial for facial rejuvenation because it contains numerous growth factors. These are vital for tissue regeneration and repair.

Faster Treatment

Our PRP treatment involves a device that is unique to make the treatment easier and faster to perform. It allows us to produce the highest quality PRP in the shortest amount of time currently on the market.

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Work?

The secret to platelet rich plasma is hiding in plain sight: it’s you! Here is how it works:
First, we will perform a blood draw from you, Yes we use your own blood! This draw tends to go very quickly. You only need enough to perform your procedure.
Next, your blood draw is put through a centrifuge. This high-tech device separates the plasma out of your blood. Our device that does this is unique. It is a patented 25ml hourglass-shaped tube with 2 strategic openings, which allows unlimited flexibility to produce the highest quality PRP in the shortest amount of time currently on the market (3 minutes).

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